Antarctic Explorer from Ushuaia 11 day

06/12/2021 through 01/27/2022
06/12/2021 through 01/30/2022
Intrepid Travel

Antarctic Explorer from Ushuaia

Experience an adventure tour of Antarctica and explore the unique conditions at the end of the Earth. Embark from Ushuaia, travelling through the Drake Passage to the South Shetland Islands to see the incredible landscapes created by the Antarctic climate. See multiple species of playful penguins, the imposing and graceful frames of Antarctica’s whales and a frenzy of feeding birdlife. Benefit from the navigational expertise and local knowledge of a professional crew and make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience to Antarctica to see the exotic, alien nature of this frozen world for yourself.



    • Whether you’re on land or at sea, you’ll see an abundance of wildlife on this trip. Scan the seas for whales and seals, spot rare birds while passing through the Beagle Channel and witness diverse species of penguins on daily boat trips
    • The spectacular terrain of Antarctica is like nowhere else on Earth. Set foot on the plains, mountains and beaches of the White Continent and watch icebergs calve into the sea
    • Experience a polar plunge in Antarctic waters – one of the most invigorating dips you’re ever likely to take
    • Optional activities such as sea kayaking or polar ice camping on selected voyages can take your adventure to the next level. Book early, as these sell out fast


    Day 1 Ushuaia
    Day 2 Ushuaia
    Day 3-4 Drake Passage
    Day 5-8 Antarctic Peninsula
    Day 9-10 Drake Passage
    Day 11 Ushuaia

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